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Hello. My name is Christa.

I live on a largish island,
with my husband and our cat.

My unborn baby boy likes to kick me in the ribs.

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Peter Pan, 1953.

Peter Pan, 1953.

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Trying to write out an email to dump my doula and ask for my deposit back.  I’m trying really hard not to feel awkward about it.

:( sorry y’all have to go through this so close to Armand being here. Let us know if we can do anything. If it helps all the people we had when I was in labor really helped keep us both claim. Hope it all works out.
<3  After searching around yesterday online, I’m pretty sure we can find a new person without too much trouble.  I just really don’t trust the (only) hospital here (I never hear good stories about it - Piper’s nurse literally tripped over her iv stand) and (assuming I don’t need to be induced) I want someone to come and sit with us while I labour at home before going to the hospital as well.

Our doula flaked out!

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My princess.  :3

My princess.  :3

This is me trying to tell the cat about the quickly approaching baby.

This is me trying to tell the cat about the quickly approaching baby.

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Georges Ames Aldrich


Georges Ames Aldrich

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God, I love this view

Park at the end of my new street - apparently there are wild mink.

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noroelta - apparently I need to get a Canada shirt.

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when ur in a bad mood but dont want to worry your friends


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